Riot Makes A Return To Monstercat With The Mob

The Israeli born and raised DJ duo RIOT have recently moved to Los Angeles California. The two bring their progressive melodies and heavy basslines to the States. RIOT has been topping charts with not only originals but a recent collaboration with Kazo in Wake Up, as well as remixes for Infected Mushroom, Knife Party, and Pegboard Nerds. RIOT has recently made a return to the label Monstercat with an explosive track The Mob.

The Mob is a high octane dubstep track. Hammering drums bring the song in. After the long teasing intro the bottom falls out and you are left in a ruthless drop. The storyline created in the track explains the triumphant return RIOT on Monstercat and how their music can be sweet yet chaotic. Midway through the track, the song breaks into a movie like cutscene that reminds me something you would hear in an old Showtek track. Chaos ensues in the remaining drop as the intensity is one again full throttle. The Mob finally subsides to a rather contrasting ending that is comprised a music box slowly pinging away. Listen to this powerful track below.

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