RL Grime Announces New Album Is Done and New Music Is Dropping This Friday

RL Grime’s next album ‘NOVA’ has been hyped up to extraordinary heights. Seeing that the release date for the new LP hasn’t even been announced, yet everyone is nonstop talking about it – expectations are high. Considering that RL Grime’s last album, ‘VOID’ changed the entire course electronic music in pround ways only further pushes the idea that the world cannot wait to hear the magic that will be ‘NOVA’.

So far we have heard a few singles f the new album, ranging from the atmospheric and orchestral ‘Aurora’, to the visceral banger ‘Era’, and even the unexpected but welcome ‘Stay For It’. Now though we finally have news that ‘NOVA’ is finished, and what’s more? We are getting what is suspected to be the final single f the new album this Friday, March 16th.

RL Grime took to social media to announce the news, and fans immediately responded with tremendous excitement. Will ‘NOVA” be as genre shaping as ‘VOID’ was? Only time will tell as we continue to wait patiently for more news around the release date the forthcoming album.