Robby East Blends Deep & Future House Perfectly With 'Burning In My Soul'

As the warm weather finally starts to kick in, it is usually the time when people start looking around for that springtime anthem that gets you ready for the upcoming season. Well, folks, I think I may have found one those anthems with Robby East’s latest Future House Music release ‘Burning In My Soul’.

‘Burning In My Soul’ has an absolutely beautiful blend deep house and future house elements. The ultimate highlight this track comes in at the 1-minute mark with an absolutely euphoric entry a violin riff that was the final ingredient to this shufflers anthem. With an absolutely beautiful break-beat melody and enchanting vocals throughout the track, ‘Burning In My Soul’ is a masterfully unique track on one the most consistent labels in the scene right now.

Check out ‘Burning In My Soul’ below!


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