Robby Vee Skillfully Perpetuates Family Heritage With Double Spin

Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inductee Robbe Vee is back with an epic album entitled Double Spin, home to eleven skillful track set to enchant music lovers from around the world. He always had a guitar nearby when growing up, and this fact truly makes sense when listening to any of the songs on the album, as the music rolls so smoothly and seemingly effortlessly.

Double Spin includes some pieces resulting from a collaboration between Robby Vee and writer and poet Andrew Hall, while the rest of the songs come from the contribution of Robby Vee’s late father, legendary artist Bobby Vee, who’s always been very close with his children.

Having shared stages with some of the most prestigious names in the industry including Eric Clapton and Sir Paul McCartney just to name a few, Robby Vee is entering a new phase with the release of this album, another great effort in the already impressive career of the neo-rockabilly artist.