Rod Wave shares new song/video “Alone”

Rod Wave, the Florida artist who brought the R&B/rap offshoot known as pain music to the top of the charts and sold out crowds everywhere, is back with another single from his upcoming third studio album Beautiful Mind. After dropping “Cold December,” “By Your Side,” and “Stone Rolling,” Wave returns with another new song called “Alone,” a fitting title if you’ve spent even a snippet’s length of time with his music.

An elegiac guitar melody leads Rod Wave’s ruminations on mortality and the end in general: of love, relationships, and what’s left of you when the outside voices have all left the room. Like Wave’s other Beautiful Mind singles, it features a prominent interpolation: listen closely to the bridge and you’ll hear a rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “U-N-I.” Hear it in the music video above, in which Rod serves as the chorus for a tale of love overlooked until it’s too late.