Sault share new EP Angel

Sault share new EP <i>Angel</I>

Ever-shifting U.K. collective SAULT have shared a new EP titled Angel. The 10-minute release is currently only available on streaming services as a single track, and features singer-songwriter Jack Peñate and reggae musician Chronixx with production from Inflo, according to Spotify’s credit information.

Angel represents a shift from SAULT’s 2022 modern choral album Air, which was itself a significant heel turn after SAULT had established themselves as the nurturing caretakers of popular Black musical expression with albums like 5, 7, Untitled (Black Is), and Untitled (Rise). By contrast, Angel is a project that treats reggae like a crystal, holding it up to the light and slightly turning it to cast different shades and patterns. Which is to say: it’s different, but SAULT’s m.o. is still the same and works to fantastic effect. Listen below.