Scottish Producer Makeness Reveals Chilled Down New Single – 'Who Am I To Follow Love'

Scottish producer Makeness has just released an engrossingly beautiful new single that highlights the best pieces electronic music while beautifully incorporating elements funk, R&B, and blues. ‘Who Am I To Follow Love’ is a melodic demonstration with a hypnotic quality that is as light as air.

The track has a certain timeless quality about it. The floating beat takes the listener on an elegant journey through several styles music. The lyrics initially seem to be an afterthought to the beautiful atmospheric production but as the track pushes on they become a highlight which showcases the minimalist yet complex pieces a puzzle that create a beautiful song.

‘Who Am I To Follow Love’ is a single from Makeness’ debut album, Loud Patterns, coming out this Friday, April 6th Secretly Canadian. Check out the track below, and stay tuned for more updates from one the most interesting artists we have listened to in quite some time.