See All The Highlights & Meme-able Moments from Ultra Day 2

Day 2 Ultra might not have started f on a high note like it did with the Sriracha Guy at Joyryde’s set, but there were still plenty highlight-able moments throughout the day. Whether it was special guests or just regular on-stage antics, day 2 wasn’t anything to scf at.

Ultra 2018 Top Moments – Day 2

Cheat Codes has money to spare

Despite a mildly embarrassing mixing snafu at the end their set, Cheat Codes threw down a pretty good performance. Toward the end the show, Cheat Codes’ Trevor Dahl went to the front rails with a stack bills (it was hard to make out the denomination) and tossed it all into the crowd. This is why you get to Ultra early, folks…

Steve Aoki makes a big announcement with Alan Walker

Later on the main stage, Steve Aoki returned on the second day to make an appearance during Alan Walker’s set. He also took the opportunity to announce that they had a new collaboration coming out soon.

These rave chiefs are idiots

Throughout the weekend, UMF TV host Will Best has been going out and finding attendees in the crowd and taking them aside for some impromptu quizzing! On Day 1, it was a couple cute girls; yesterday it was a pair rave chiefs, and let’s just say they weren’t the sharpest arrows in the quiver…

Frank Walker had 10 minutes on the stream & he made the most it

Though Frank Walker was scheduled for 10 minutes on the UMF TV live stream, the reality was that between commentary and other sets, it was really only something like 4-6 minutes. Still, he was blessed with good timing, as just as the stream turned to him, he had just brought out mega-guest Smokepurpp to the Ultra Worldwide stage.

Tiësto was couple-goals at UMF 20

Tiësto took his rightful place on the main stage yesterday for a special 90-minute sunset performance, and he definitely brought along a couple friends. First up was his friend and “alter ego” Marshmello who came out as a surprise guest. Also making an appearance was his fiancée Annika Backes.

Afrojack brings the heat, but not so many pals

Compared to his performance last year, Afrojack’s set was missing a number special guests. In spite that, he still threw down one the top 3 hardest sets on the live stream for day 2, so we’ll give him a pass. He managed to bring out Ravitez for a new collaboration, as well as Vassy, and took deadly aim with a bottle champagne to the front row!

Marshmello definitely didn’t come “Alone” at Ultra

Biggest special guests, probably the whole weekend, but certainly for day 2, goes to Marshmello. Bringing out Slushii early on, he topped everything with a wildly unexpected appearance by Will Smith. He went on to bring out Yo Gotti, G-Eazy, and Lil Uzi Vert, the latter which performed a new collaboration between the two them.

The Chainsmokers shut up the haters

The Chainsmokers were definitely one the most criticized bookings for Ultra 20, but they defiantly shut up all the haters with their set last night. Putting out a blistering blend dubstep, vocal performances, trap, psytrance, and hardstyle, they didn’t miss a single beat. And better yet, they let their music speak for itself – their only special guest the night was Halsey for “Closer.”


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