Seven Lions Drops 2 Hour Mix In The Observatory Episode 2

Seven Lions has put out The Observatory Episode 2. This is a two-hour mix that shows the diversity that Seven Lions can bring to the table. The mix comes as a precursor to the Chronicles Chapter 1 inaugural run which will be held up in Seattle on May 12th. Seven Lions has once again taken tracks from his Observatory playlist on Spotify and perfectly mixed them into a work art that touches on just about every genre. The Observatory playlist is comprised handpicked songs by Seven Lions which he has been playing on tour, as well as some the deeper cuts you may not hear in a festival setting.

For the Observatory Episode 2, the artists that pop up between Seven Lions tracks range from the melodic messiah MitiS and trance icons Above and Beyond, to heavier artists such as Feed Me and American psytrance producers Dimibo. It would be hard for me to say this is purely an emotional mix for it touches such a vast number genres; I would do it more justice calling it an emotional roller coaster. I can say that anticipation is not an accurate enough word for what I feel when I think about Seven Lions playing two sets at each Chronicles chapter, an Observatory set in addition to his harder hitting regular set. Take the time and set two hours aside to let Seven Lions take you on a journey.

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Chronicles Chapter 1 (Wamu Theather – Seattle)
Chronicles Chapter 2 (Red Rocks – Colorado)

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