Shane Codd Nods To The Past On Hot New Single, ‘Good To Me’

Watch an old sample come back to life courtesy of Ireland’s finest.

Well, we’re officially on the edge of entering June. Are you eagerly awaiting summertime to peek its warm, sunny head around the corner? While we count down the days, have a track that could very well set the mood for the entire season. This time, it comes from the hands of Irish DJ and producer Shane Codd.

Once a self-taught bedroom musical hobbyist, Codd learnt to throttle his passion into a full career, growing to become a multi-platinum, globally touring artist in just a handful of years. His debut single, ‘Get Out My Head‘, rocketed into the Top 10 of the UK singles chart and has, so far, amassed over 220 million streams worldwide. You could say he’s had a fair share of success.

After headlining a tour through the US and gracing crowds from all over, his mission to create his own kind of memorable, feel-good House tunes prevails even more strongly than before. Today, Shane Codd has released what could be an essential weapon for any DJ looking to match sparkling drinks and the musical atmosphere of a venue.

‘Good To Me’

Taking, reviving and flipping the iconic 80s R&B hit ‘Just Be Good To Me’, originally performed by The S.O.S Band, Codd has come up with a belter, fittingly named ‘Good To Me‘. If you’re a fan of the whole old-school-sounding Dance coming back to the spotlight, you are so in luck. Enjoy moogy, groovy offbeat basslines, pointy, summery pianos, and an overall aura of those Robert Miles times, but with the oomph and beef that is so characteristic of the current times.

Early 00s or late 90s? You be the judge. Listen to Shane Codd’s gigantic new single ‘Good To Me‘ down below for your beloved Spotify play. Also, click here to listen and support on your platform of choice. And stay tuned to our page for the latest news and views regarding Dance music.