Sintra, Luch & Landon Ryle Release Single, ‘Brighter Days’

Miami-based producer Sintra teams up with Luch and Landon Ryle for an emotive melodic cut titled ‘Brighter Days’ on Purified Records. Setting a poignant atmosphere, the producers incorporate cinematic instrumentation and gentle melodies with touching vocals to evoke a hopeful atmosphere. Gradually building the arrangement, this intricate creation captures the morning light in sonic form, and leaves a lasting impression. 

“We’re thrilled to share Brighter Days with the world“, Sintra says. “This record represents not just our musical journey, but also a unique blend of sounds and emotions.

It’s a song filled with hope and content, a celebration of life that even in dark moments, “brighter days are coming”.”


The Artwork, As Powerful As The Song

The ‘Brighter Days’ artwork features a beautiful shot of the ocean, captured by Daniel Nicholson. Water is one of those precious things of nature on our planet, and an invaluable resource. Organizations such as Conservation International work to spotlight and secure the critical benefits that nature provides to humanity. Combining fieldwork with innovations in science, policy and finance, they have helped protect more than 6 million square kilometers (2.3 million square miles) of land and sea across more than 70 countries.

Located on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia, Nicholson is one of the globe’s most prominent professional underwater photographers. He seeks to share the beauty and magic of the underwater world to inspire conservation and change. And he brings the final touches to the beautiful ‘Brighter Days’, shining that extra glimpse of hope.

Check out ‘Brighter Days’ below!

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