SLANDER and Wavedash Collaborate On New Single – 'Move Back'

SLANDER had one the better Ultra sets alongside NGHTMRE when the trio producers presented their GUD VIBRATIONS show. SLANDER has never been scared taking chances. The production duo helped bring so many new sound design elements into dance music, that their bold attitude is more or less worn on their sleeve. In their most recent release, a collaboration with up and comer Wavedash relies on heavy tension builds and an unrelenting bass drop.

‘Move Back’ starts f with a full minute build up that will have your palms sweaty preparing for the drop. When that track does give away and the bass smacks you in the face, SLANDER’s experience with the genres shines brilliantly. The drop is rough, dirty, and will no doubt leave you with a grimace bass filth on your face. The outro breaks into a borderline melodic portion that really drives home the clean production the track.

While ‘Move Back’ is an awesome tune and brutal in all the right ways, I have to say I was hoping for something a little more f the cuff. Check it out below and see if you agree.