Snails Unleashes Mini-Documentary for First Headlining Tour

If you thought watching a Snails show was crazy, just wait until you see what goes on behind the scenes! The Shell Tour documentary is here, which highlights all the work leading up to the Canadian DJ/producer’s craziest artistic vision to date. And, how it all plays out live!

From playing local clubs, to working with Skrillex and Diplo, to his very own headlining tour, this documentary goes way back to Snails’ earliest beginnings with music leading up till now. Hanging with DJ friends like Boogie T, 12th Planet, and Funtcase, throwing taco parties, and bonding with his Vomitsquad — this doc shows it all.

The Shell album was released on October 20th, 2017. Then, The Shell Tour commenced, bringing Snails’ Vomitstep to 37 cities in 45 days. This is what Snails has to say the madness that followed:

The Shell Tour was one the biggest and craziest things I have ever done in my entire life. Never did I think my music would take me this far and it’s all because your support. I dedicate this documentary to you, mama, all my fans, Vomitsquad and friends. Thank you all for believing in me and my dream.

Read Snails’ entire message to fans and his mother below.

The following motion picture has been rated V for Vomitstep. Parental guidance is suggested. 

Snails – The Shell Tour Documentary

Filmed by: Adrian Villagomez
Directed by: Adrian Villagomez / Frederik Durand


Note from Snails…

A note to my mom, my fans and anyone who has ever supported me.

From the bottom my heart …

Thank you, mama, for everything you gave me.

Thank you, mama, for everything you showed me.

You taught me to always love and respect everyone around me. Since the beginning, you taught me everything in my life and made me a better person every single day! I did have tougher times growing up but you were always there to show me the good path and the right direction.

The whole time I was working on my dream to come true and fulfilling my passion for music, you always made me believe I could make it, even if this was the craziest idea ever. Since then I’ve never let it down cause you gave me this mindset and will continue to remember this for the rest my life… Because we all know it’s not easy but like you always told me “if you really trust in what you do Freddie, or what you love, everything is possible!”

I did cry in my life and it was never easy knowing we didn’t have lots resources to make it through our days sometimes, but you always told me to keep my head up and stay strong. You were always there for me.

You always prayed for me to have a good life and for anybody I would meet. With all the good things I grew up around, I did my best to bring that love and joy everywhere I went, with anyone I was with – stranger or friend I’ve always treated them with respect. Thank you for showing me that direction in my life.

For me SNAILS is about: Waking up every day and knowing I belong creating something bigger than myself.

For me SNAILS is about: Sharing a vision, a passion.

It’s about making a difference in my own way and using my platform and this responsibility I’ve been given to spread positivity and do good for people.

I dedicate this documentary to you, mama, and all my fans, Vomitsquad, and friends.

I’m happy to present you the story a young kid from a small town, that never stopped dreaming about his passion that became his reality, and that is so grateful for the extraordinary people he’s met through his journey … you guys!

This is for my Vomitsquad and everybody I love … I present you my shell – my world!

It’s important for me to thank every single person with whom I work with, have met or am surrounded by because without them none this would be possible.

I love you mama and all my supporters.

Sincerely, Freddie ❤