Song You Need: Cash Cobain’s “Back It Up” makes life sound like a party that never ends

Song You Need: Cash Cobain’s “Back It Up” makes life sound like a party that never ends

Cash Cobain.


Photo shot and styled by @Seanaveli.

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Cash Cobain is primarily known for his work behind the boards lacing everyone from B-Lovee (“My Everything”) to outer-borough rappers like Flee (“Standards”) Shawny Binladen (“Yellow Tears”), with his fluid and danceable beats. But now, the South Bronx producer is trying to be just as recognized for his presence on the mic. He’s dropped a bunch of solo songs over the last few years, but they felt in search of an identity that matched his easy-going vibes. This year he’s finally found something that’s clicked with the club drill sound that’s caught fire in Philly, New Jersey, and New York. On 2 Slizzy 2 Sexy, his collaborative project with Chow Lee from this spring, flips of J. Holiday and Lil Vicious tracks became the foundation of some of the sweatiest and horniest songs of the year.

“Back It Up,” his latest single, makes life sound like a never-ending party where heavy-handed pours are the standard and mango-flavored hookah smoke clouds the air. Cash makes his raspy voice is featherlight on here, like he’s trying to lull you to sleep in the middle of the function. “Get ya money, back it up,” he raps. “Ain’t movin’ slizzy, pack it up.” He tags in Brooklyn’s TaTa for an assist, who injects burst of aggression into an otherwise chill song. Like most of these club drill tracks, the lyrics are a bit of an afterthought, but the fun is contagious. The only thing that can get between Cash Cobain and a good time is a noise ordinance.