SPOILERS: Afrojack Leaks 2018 Ultra Main Stage Design [SCREENSHOTS]

The Ultra Miami main stage design is kept as secret as possible, despite the fact that the stage building can be seen from the street, as well as Earth Cam. Still, it’s funny when an artist accidentally leaks the design the stage the lighting demos, as it seems Afrojack just did.

Anyone watching Afrojack’s Instagram story in the past 24 hours was able to catch a preview the design as captured below by @. The image shows what you might call an “orgy lasers” as bright lights shoot out in every direction.

The video featuring this design has since been removed.

A video an Ultra main stage remains on his Instagram, though it’s been confirmed to be the Ultra South Africa stage from 2017. The caption “Ultra Miami 2018” on that video brings into question whether Afrojack is trying to intentionally troll fans, but there’s no word on that yet.

Either way, Ultra Miami is only 3 days away now, and we can’t wait to see this stage in action once the sun goes down.