Spotify Is Now Your Personal DJ Thanks To The New 'Auto-Mixing' Feature

Spotify is tryna be your new favorite DJ, as the music streaming platform has begun mixing its own playlists!

The new feature, as pointed out by , mixes tracks together on a given Spotify playlist even when in shuffle mode. This  exhibits the new mixing intelligence — and by the sounds it, we can only expect more EDM playlists to follow suit.

To hear DJ Spotify at work for yourself, simply go into your advanced settings and double check your “crossfade” feature is turned “f.” Next, select the  playlist embedded in this article, turn on “shuffle” and listen carefully as the tracks are perfectly mixed together.

No matter the playback combination, it seems Spotify is mixing in real time — not with its simple crossfade feature from one song to another, but by beat matching like a real DJ.

 reached out to Spotify for some more insight on this mixing technology, but no further details were given: “We are always testing new products and experiences, but have no further news to share at this time.”

Although Spotify isn’t talking, we can still hear the future music streaming! Listen below (don’t forget the above steps for proper playback)!

Spotify – Drum & Bass Fix Playlist