Spotify Throws Gas On The Swedish House Mafia Reunion Fire with Playlist Update

The EDM world is going crazy over the possibility a Swedish House Mafia reunion at Ultra‘s 20th anniversary in Miami later this month.

Leading up to the signature music festival, we’ve been getting mixed signals from and . Meanwhile, the vast and even acts like have fueled reunion rumors. It seems everyone wants to believe that Swedish House Mafia will make a comeback for the 20th year.

Now, Spotify has boarded the hype train by adding three tracks by Swedish House Mafia to its insanely popular “Mint” playlist. The music streaming platform freshly added “Antidote,” “Miami 2 Ibiza,” and “Greyhound” to the playlist just hours ago. This is no small gesture, considering the “Mint” playlist has 4.8 million followers — and most which probably are hopeful for a SHM performance.

Former Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello was recently in saying: “If you expect the unexpected it’s not unexpected. Usually that phrase is used when there’s nothing exciting happening. It’s like you go to the amusement park and the slogan says ‘expect the unexpected’ before you enter the ‘haunted house.’”

Maybe we’re setting ourselves up to be disappointed — but a Swedish House Mafia reunion just sounds so right! Listen to some their amazing tracks Spotify’s “Mint” playlist below!

Mint By Spotify (Playlist)