Spotify’s trialling a new unlimited ad skip feature

As Spotify remains one of the few platforms with a “decent” free subscription service, they continue to work on ways to make it better. Their latest idea? Skipping ads that don’t appeal to you, which I mean, makes a bit of sense.

The flip to that, is that you don’t really want any ads and in my experience (yes I admittedly have toyed with free Spotify) you just zone out no matter what ad you’re being forced to listen to.

The test trial that they’re currently running in Australia, essentially means that users choose which ads they specifically listen to and the companies who have their ads skipped don’t pay for the skips, meaning you’re only paying for people who actually listen to the ads.

Would this make you more likely to get behind the free Spotify service, or is this just a pointless endeavour from the company? Let us know what you think!