STéLOUSE Releases Emotional New Single "Nobody Told Me" With David Davis

STéLOUSE is back with his first single 2018, and I find myself overcome with emotion that I haven’t felt for another song like this in quite some time. It could be the fact that I saw David Davis perform this song live with STéLOUSE only just last week, but “Nobody Told Me” is an incredible song that you nor I will soon forget.

In my opinion, this is what a true dance music “song” is all about. It doesn’t sacrifice sentimentality, musicality, originality or passion for any gimmicks or cool effects, it’s purely incredible songwriting and an amazing voice coming together to create one awe-inspiring piece music.

It’s hard to truly put the emotion the song into words, so you’re just going to have to listen to it and find out for yourself. Grab the song and stream it below.