Steve Angello Shares The Most Concrete Evidence Of A Swedish House Mafia Reunion Yet [VIDEO]

Look before I get into the meat and potatoes this article, I have to apologize. I swear I don’t wake up everyday thinking to myself, “cannot wait to report on every small detail that could potentially point to a Swedish House Mafia reunion”. Then something insane happens like the below video, doing exactly what I said I wouldn’t just one sentence ago.

Steve Angello shared on his Instagram story today him watching Axwell//Ingrosso’s set from the front house. During the set he captured two videos, one them playing out Alesso and Ingrosso’s masterpiece ‘Calling’ and another them playing out Swedish House Mafia’s ‘One’.

This is big for two reasons. Obviously the first one is the fact that ‘One’ was played and featured on his story, and the other is the simple fact that it shows the three guys are friendly enough to once again be attending each other’s sets and hanging out casually. Check it out below and tell me you don’t think this means something is one the way…