Steve Angello's Album 'HUMAN' To Be Released Friday

After breaking his silence with a number singles including “Rejoice,” “Freedom,” “I Know,” “Breaking Kind,” “Break Me Down,” and a number other singles, Steve Angello is preparing the full release HUMAN this Friday.

Featuring a total 21 tracks, the album will convey the story Angello’s life: Genesis, Inferno, and Paradiso.

“HUMAN is a concept album that I love. No compromise, unfiltered, and straight to the point,” said Steve Angello. “It was rewarding to be able to express this piece me. After months disconnect I felt I had to change the way I made music, change the way I thought music and the way I felt about music. First step was to reinvent my live performance and to do that we changed the whole way we presented the art-form we all loved unconditionally.”

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