Steve Aoki Releases Collaboration With Vini Vici On 'Moshi Moshi'

It was only a matter time before psytrance completely blew up. The undeniable energy the genre perfect aligns with what fans look for today in their music. The sound is so powerful that many artists like Kayzo and Carnage have started to incorporate the high BPM genre into their production. Vini Vici are undisputed Gods the psytrance world. After a string massively successful solo singles, the guys have teamed up with an unlikely collaboration – Steve Aoki.

The new collaboration is called ‘Moshi Moshi’. The tune is a perfect blend the unique styles each artist represents. The intro is slow and has some deep hip-hop influences. The beginning trap arrangments ultimately only serve as a distraction from what is to come. As soon as ‘Moshi Moshi’ drops it goes from trap to pure psytrance in a matter seconds.

On Spotify, Mama Aoki is featured as a collaborator, so we have to imagine Steve used his own mother for the sample found just before the drop. Which is wholesome as all get out. While ‘Moshi Moshi’ is a fun track that will undoubtedly help the psytrance sound reach a broader audience, there is something a bit f about this tune. It seems that while the mixture styles was initially exciting at the front end the record, elements end up clashing more than they blend at times. Overall all though it always enjoyable to see an artist stray outside their comfort zone. Check out the track below.