SUDO Drop Stellar Drumcode Debut EP, Real World

Rising Japanese duo SUDO debuts on Drumcode with the inspired Real World EP. The brothers Isao and Takashi — the former based in Berlin, while the other holds a forte in their hometown of Kansai-Kobe, Japan — have been grafting away at their craft for many years, never compromising on quality, while eschewing trends. Instead, they’ve patiently created and waited for their opportunity.

Crafting a Unique Soundscape

The journey of SUDO, consisting of brothers Isao and Takashi, is a testament to dedication and artistry. Isao’s base in Berlin and Takashi’s roots in Kansai-Kobe, Japan, have enriched their musical perspective, blending the vibrant Techno scene of Berlin with the unique cultural soundscape of the Asian country. They have spent years perfecting their sound, focusing on depth and quality rather than chasing fleeting trends. Their patience has paid off, culminating in their debut on Drumcode with the Real World EP.

Inspired by Legendary Roots

The duo’s musical roots trace back to Isao’s first vinyl purchase in the ‘90s — a white label they’d later discover to be Underworld’s iconic ‘Rez’. This seminal track ignited a passion that would shape their future sound. The Real World EP channels this inspiration, presenting a trio of tracks that resonate with depth and subtlety. Each track is meticulously crafted to evoke a unique atmosphere, drawing listeners into a transcendent auditory experience.

A Journey Through Sound

The connection with Drumcode was a fortuitous one, and it sparked when Bart Skils shared an early demo of the EP with Adam Beyer. Beyer’s endorsement led to the tracks being featured at major events like Awakenings, Time Warp, and Ultra. The title track, ‘Real World‘, is a deep, trance-inducing composition that pays homage to Underworld’s influence while maintaining a futuristic edge. ‘Construction‘ begins with robust percussive Techno, evolving into a mesmerizing ambient interlude that elevates the track to new heights. ‘Mercury‘ closes the EP with a timeless blend of Techno and Trance, creating a blissful and transcendental listening experience.

When asked about the EP, SUDO shared: “A few years ago, we decided to quit making music that suited the big label’s taste, and concentrate on making music that we were truly and genuinely happy with. We didn’t follow trends, just only concentrated on the music which we wanted to dance to on the dance floor“. And they stress:

The ‘Real World EP’ has a lot of elements of our musical history, as well as our roots and the high-energy taste of that era.

SUDO’s Real World EP is more than just a debut; it’s a statement of their artistry and vision. As they continue to carve out their niche in the Electronic music world, this EP stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

SUDO – Real World | STREAM