Sullivan King Packs A Powerful Punch Of Intensity In New Single – 'Step Back'

Sullivan King has been one the first artists to merge metal with EDM. But in taking the risky chance at combining two seemingly unlike genre, Sullivan King has found a niche area where he can demonstrate his truly one a kind production style. In his latest release ‘Step Back’ Sulli uses instrumentation with high-intensity guitar riffs, powerful screaming lyrics and a minimalist breakdown that will leave you headbanging with a permanent case bass face.

‘Step Back’ in my opinion is one the best tracks Sullivan King has released thus far. It is brutal, raw and just fills the listener with the desperate desire to really cut loose and go wild. So much how to be successful in dance music at the moment relies on a producers ability to evoke heavy emotions and responses to their music, and Sullivan King has found what seems to be a winning formula. Check out the new track below.

Photo Via Sullivan King