Swedish House Mafia Backtracks With New Single 'You Should Worry Child'

Swedish House Mafia is best known in mainstream culture for their last true chart-topping single, “Don’t You Worry Child”. Now though as the group has ficially reunited after Ultra Music Festival 2018, it seems they have quite a new agenda. Their single which dropped today, April 1st is entitled “You Should Worry Child”.

It’s Hard Being a Kid…

We were able to catch up with Steve Angello about the release the single which seems to contradict the groups now 5-year-old classic track. Steve stared at the ground for a few seconds before his darted back up with deep eye contact,

“You know a lot has changed in five years. The Earth is going through irreversible climate change. International tensions are at an all-time high. Gun policy in America is truly starting to become devastating. The future does not look bright for youngsters. The old song just doesn’t make much sense anymore.”

In an unexpected turn events the supergroup has teamed up with former vice president, and man-bear-pig truther, Al Gore to help create lasting international policy around slowing man-made climate change. The ficial announcement and single can be heard here.