Swedish House Mafia Rebuke Claims That Reunion Is 'A Money Making Scheme'

Swedish House Mafia reuniting at Ultra 2018 will remain one the biggest moments in electronic music history well…possibly all time. After 5 years separated focusing on personal projects the three guys took the stage together for the first time to a crowd in the thousands. Immediately though, many jaded fans started to develop conspiracy theories around the supergroup’s return.

Since the camera angles for the live stream were limited (mainly due to some out hand pyrotechnics), many believed that the group was making a DVD or another documentary in order to sell it to their sea fans. Quickly though their manager, Amy Thomson (who is also one the undisputed greats in the game), shot down those ideas immediately. She went so far to say nothing about the reunion is a money making scheme.

In the end there is only 1 reason why Swedish House Mafia reunited: It Was Time.