Swedish House Mafia Stickers Appear During Tomorrowland Weekend 2, Tour Rumors Ignite

During Ultra 2018, the entire city was brimming with excitement about the upcoming reunion of Swedish House Mafia. While the reunion was technically still unofficial until the guys took the stage, some very slick guerilla marketing hinted heavily at the reunion taking place.

So when fans started to see stickers in the same fashion around Boom and the Tomorrowland grounds, the rumors mill exploded once again. But unfortunately, it was found that the stickers were entirely fan made. I guess some people just want to watch the world burn.

There was no shortage of Swedish House Mafia hype around Tomorrowland 2018. All of the guys trolled the audience a bit with some electrifying special guests. Axwell had an interesting sentiment as well when he said it would be a while until he returned to Tomorrowland. Many fans took this as a sign that the guys would be too busy with a Swedish House Mafia reunion tour to hit the festival circuit next year. Only time will tell now…