Swiss DJ Yves Larock returns with catchy New Single “Another Day”!

Renowned Swiss DJ and producer Yves Larock is set to make waves once again with the release of his latest hit single, “Another Day”, out now.

Larock first captured global attention in 2005 with his irresistible summer anthem “Zookey“, a track that dominated airwaves and dance floors alike, selling over 150,000 copies in France alone and securing a Top 10 spot on the French charts. This success was further solidified in 2007 with the release of “Rise Up”, a chart-topping sensation that garnered twenty #1 positions worldwide, with over 100 Million global streams and 225 Million YouTube views, establishing Larock as one of the most dynamic figures in the house music scene.

Following his meteoric rise, Larock continued to captivate audiences with his prolific output, releasing acclaimed albums such as “Manego” and “Rise Up”, as well as delivering electrifying DJ sets at premier venues around the globe. In recent years, Larock has delved into behind-the-scenes projects, including composing for high-profile brand campaigns and self-releasing on his own label, Millia Records.

Now, after a brief hiatus from the spotlight, Larock is back with “Another Day”, a track that exudes his signature style while offering a fresh take on contemporary house music. Reflecting on the evolution of the single, Larock shares, “I composed this track four years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that I found the perfect sound. With its rhythmic piano and infectious vocals, “Another Day” captures the essence of summer and love”.

With its irresistible melodies and dyanmic beats, “Another Day” is poised to be the soundtrack of the summer, reaffirming Yves Larock’s status as a pioneer in the global dance music scene.

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