Take A Trip Around The World With Mr. Fingers New Pensive LP – 'Cerebral Hemispheres'

This weekend much the music industry has looked to the Indio valley where some the biggest artists are performing at Coachella. If there are two thing that Coachella is not, they are subtle and pensive. While there is no shortage talent out in the desert this and next weekend, sometimes the most incredible music is f the beaten path, removed from mainstream consciousness. Exhibit A in this argument is the legendary Mr. Finger’s gorgeous full-length album, Cerebral Hemispheres, which breaks over 25 years silence.

Trip Around The World

Many the songs on the 18 track effort are named for locations around the globe. ‘A Day In Portugal’, ‘Sands Aruba’, and ‘Sao Paulo’ are just some examples. Each one features elements that evoke imagery their namesake. ‘A Day In Portugal’ for example features traditional African, and near east arrangements which are instantly recognizable as the signature sound the small country whose historied past has helped it become a melting pot European, African and middle eastern influences.

As the long play evolves, tracks become more energetic. The lead-f track, ‘Full Moon’ is a chilled out vocal collaboration which relaxes the listener as they embark on a journey which lasts just over an hour and a half. Towards the end the album tracks like ‘Qwazars’ incorporate a more energetic, driving beat. A true artist is able to curate an album which tells a sonic story. Mr. Fingers accomplishes this and so much more.


While each and every track on ‘Cerebral Hemispheres’ is beautifully crafted, there are a few tunes that really stand out as something special. My personal favorite is ‘Aether’, which features a shimmering, atmospheric synth progression throughout. The creative and original percussion adds a groove to the track that is captivating. Both ‘Inner Acid’ and ‘Outer Acid’ feature classic house elements while simultaneously breathing new life into the Acid sound.

Overall Cerebral Hemisphere is a remarkable album. The meticulously crafted songs each tell a different story full subtle emotion. While this long play is much more relaxed than most the electronic music released in the modern era, it gives a bold message: Sometimes high energy isn’t important, sometimes it is just about listening and appreciating to a work art. It is a joy to watch an artist as revered as Mr. Fingers help refocus the world dance music back to its pensive, artistic roots.