Tame Impala Founding Electronic Music Instruments Firm

Kevin Parker, known for crafting Tame Impala’s lush soundscapes, has ventured into the realm of Electronic music instrument production. Recently, fans browsing the band’s Instagram account noticed a new addition: Telepathic Instruments, described as “an electronic instruments company founded by Tame Impala and friends.

The company has also launched a website, though it remains enigmatic in nature: “Are You Listening?”

Telepathic’s social media presence mirrors this cryptic allure. Currently, its Instagram page features just two posts: one showcasing the company’s logo alongside audio of a distorted, bitcrushed synth patch, and another presenting a pixelated image resembling Parker with the caption, “What is bro trying to tell us…“.

If I had to take a guess, I think they are creating at least a synthesizer with another company. It will probably feature some out there psychedelic sounds that resemble the band’s sound. I am sure it will be a producer’s dream to test it out. In other Tame Impala news, Parker announced in May this year that he sold his complete song catalog to Sony Music Publishing.