The Black Madonna Goes After Ticket Scammers Personally, Guest Lists All Fans Who Were Ripped Off

If you comply with the worlds home or nu-disco, then you almost certainly are conversant in The Black Madonna. Throughout all 2018, this producer has demonstrated that the underground genres are a close to countless place high quality, good tunes. Her soulful strategy to manufacturing has helped the resurgence in reputation home and nu-disco in America, and her outspoken nature has made her a fast fan favourite.

Recently although, The Black Madonna bumped into some points. Fans started coming to her explaining that they’d been swindled out tickets to her present by a reseller who was fully bogus. Instead shrugging and responding with “that is life” (like many different artists would), The Black Madonna personally reached out to the perpetrator posing as a fan seeking to purchase tickets.

Once she received the scammers monetary info to ship fee she instantly reported them to the police. Not solely is that this critical badass, however she additionally put each fan who was wrongly scammed on her private visitor record. This is type positivity the world dance music must see! Check out the alternate under.