The Chainsmokers Debuted 5 Brand New Songs at Ultra Last Night

So… wow. We put our expectations to the side for the night and we were rewarded heavily by The Chainsmokers’ performance on Ultra’s main stage yesterday. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart easily threw down the heaviest set the weekend so far (at least on the live stream) and left the crowd bruised, battered, and bloody. Between the huge dubstep anthems were interspersed their own vocal tracks like “Something Just Like This” and new hits “Sick Boy” and “Everybody Hates Me.”

Perhaps most exciting was the amount new music dropped in their sets, including suspected collaborations with Aazar, Saymyname, Stoltenhf, and NGHTMRE. These tracks were decidedly heavier than the last three Chainsmokers singles, but there was still another one those in their set (around 18:30 if you were wondering).

Their set will be up on their YouTube channel soon, but until then, check it out below Mixcloud.

See the full tracklist .