The Chainsmokers Drop Music Video For Hit Single "Everbody Hates Me"

If you didn’t hear The Chainsmokers Ultra set, you’re missing out on life. “They went pop” yeah, we know, but the Ultra set brings it back for the Day 1’s. It knocked. Fresh f their best set in recent memory, Drew and Alex have dropped some new material. This time, bringing it back to their production with the Music Video to their hit single “Everybody Hates Me”. The Music video was produced by their homie and superstar in his own regard, Rory Kramer. Guy has skillz that killz with a camera and he continues to prove it with this Music Video.
You can knock their style change as much as you want, but you wont convince me that they aren’t killing it. Regardless if you enjoy it or not, these dudes have captivated the universe and built a brand that has done nothing but grown over recent years. Since Roses dropped, these dudes have gone from masters the Remix to International Superstars. Anyways, back to the Music Video… Capturing more a “band” feel, the video continues to prove the elevation The Chainsmokers careers. The question I have, Is Matt McGuire ficially “a Chainsmoker”?

Kramer is a friggin talented dude and this music video captures the message the song in an outstanding fashion. Shout out McDonalds.

Photo Cred: RUKES