The Chainsmokers Promise New Music Is Coming Very Soon

The Chainsmokers have had quite a successful 2018 already. The duo released a handful chart-topping singles, finished up a massive tour, closed out a night at Ultra, and experimented with some bold new sounds. That being said if The Chainsmokers know anything, it’s that taking a break is out the question. Therefore, they have already announced that more new music is on the way and hitting the public very soon.

While it seems that The Chainsmokers are ramping up to at the very least, another full EP music, nobody is quite sure how many finished records they are sitting on. It appears that it will only be a matter time before we hear some more classic Chainsmokers as their Ultra set proved they are leaning back towards the EDM focused sound more so than ever. We can only hope that their new releases match the intensity their Ultra set, but only time will tell.

New Music On The Way