The Chainsmokers Return To EDM With 'Everybody Hates Me'

I will start f by saying something that will no doubt get me a decent amount hate. I like The Chainsmokers new single. Yes, I know – it is cool to hate on the duo who has focused more on pop over the last year, but their latest single marks a return to EDM and is pretty damn good.

‘Everybody Hates Me’ is the third release an EP featuring their previous 2018 releases ‘Sick Boy’ and ‘You Owe Me’. The track is nothing that screams originality but instead is a solid production that is fun, catchy and extremely well made.

While I do still make some issue with The Chainsmokers insisting on keeping Drew on the vocals, this tune has just the right amount – a very little bit. Therefore even if it’s not cool to say, ‘Everybody Hates Me’ is the best The Chainsmokers have been in quite some time.