The Glitch Mob Show Their Soft Side In New Collaboration With Elohim – 'I Could Be Anything'

The Glitch Mob has finally returned in 2018. The trio took some serious time f since the release their last album which was accompanied by a major international tour. The guys are once again finding their place in headlines as this slowly trickle out singles leading up to a new album.

‘I Could Be Anything’ features vocals from Elohim and is on the ster side in terms intensity. The relaxed feel is accompanied by a steady, driving beat which was meticulously crafted. It is a bit unbelievable to really listen to this tune and hear the number small elements that were sprinkled in. ‘I Could Be Anything’ demonstrates the range that TGM possesses while simultaneously pushes the boundaries what is expected from them.

The Glitch Mob are not strangers to slower productions but in this new single a different side them has been revealed, and we are seriously digging it. We cannot wait to see what else comes from TGM as 2018 pushes on. Check out the track below.