The Widow of the Pulse Nightclub Shooter Has Been Acquitted Of All Charges

The widow the Pulse nightclub shooter, who gunned down 49 people in the Orlando club in 2016, was acquitted all charges relating to the massacre.

Following several days jury deliberations, Noor Salman has been acquitted all charges including obstruction and providing material support to a terroist organization. Salman was married to the gunamn, Omar Mateen, at the time he had attacked the gay nightclub back in 2016. Mateen was killed after gunning down 49 innocent people after a 3-hour standf with the police.

Prosecutors the case accused Salman scouting out potential targets with her husband, including Disney World. According to prosecutors, Salman knew he was buying ammunition for his AR-15 in preparation for the jihadi attack.

Salman’s attorney argued that Salman didn’t know Mateen’s attack since it wasn’t pre-planned. “It’s a horrible, random, senseless killing by a monster,” Swift said. “But it wasn’t preplanned. The importance to this case is that if he didn’t know, she couldn’t know.”

Photo Credit: A screenshot from Salman’s Facebook page., which has been deleted. Facebook