The Woodlands Guide: Tips & Tricks from Firefly Veterans

With multiple passes to purchase, camping options to consider, and quite a stacked array artists to pick and choose from, it’s just that time year again: festival season.

Ultra Music Festival will be the year’s first premiere music festival next weekend, but for those in the Northeast this summer, look no further than Firefly Music Festival in “The Woodlands” Dover, DE. Firefly is now three months away, from Thursday, June 14 to Sunday, June 17, so if you haven’t done so already, it is time to start planning your trip.

The Woodlands, however, fer a different experience compared to most music festivals, and as a Firefly rookie two short years ago, I made many mistakes in preparing for the long weekend. Thus, for 2018, we’ve brought in the experts, asking Firefly veterans tips and tricks to create the ultimate guide to the Woodlands.

From the most mundane reminders to festival hacks, these veterans have your Firefly trip covered.

The Woodlands Guide: Tips & Tricks from Firefly Veterans
Photo Courtesy Firefly Music Festival

After you’ve purchased your passes to the festival, a much bigger decision than most may realize follows: camping and lodging. It seems simple, go for the cheapest option to save money for beer because Firefly has the best beer options (seriously), but the slightest camping upgrade may make all the difference.

“The best thing I can think to do for Firefly is get premiere camping,” Kimberly Ilkowski said. Referring to the Wednesday tent camping over the general option, friend Jessica Ganga attested to the upgrade’s worth.

“When I went my first year our tent was so far from, not only the festival, but also the Hub so we never utilized it,” Ganga added. She has since upgraded to the Wednesday tent camping for her more recent Firefly endeavors, but she also mentioned another easily forgotten Firefly perk known as “The Hub” to remember.

Nonetheless, it’s important because camping can make all the difference – after all, it is at least half your Firefly Music Festival experience. Joe Cicchino contributed two more tips regarding camping in the Woodlands.

  1. “Don’t be afraid to hang back at the campsite a little during the festival… stay at your campsite, hangout, try to take a nap and get ready for the day. You’ll be a lot more relaxed when you’re not running from stage to stage for almost 12 hours.”
  2. “Make sure your campsite has a canopy or some form coverage. If there isn’t cloud coverage, you won’t have shade at the camp and you’ll be stuck baking in the sun for an entire weekend. The canopy will also come in handy in case it rains, and there always seems to be one night where it rains.”

And speaking sun, do not forget sunscreen, but Firefly isn’t just camping. It’s a music festival! Firefly Music Festival, specifically, brings a lot artists that’s only comparable to the country’s other biggest festivals: Coachella, Lollapalooza, etc.

“Rank artists and bands in priority lists so you know when to get a set short to get a good shot!” EJ Paras contributed, because with three, four, or more artists playing at a time, it isn’t easy to see every set you love; plan accordingly.

The Woodlands Guide: Tips & Tricks from Firefly Veterans

Furthermore, Paras also added several other tips to remember for all festivals: stay hydrated, wear “comfy shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty,” and “a mini-grill is primetime.” Though Firefly does have great food options, not only inside the festival grounds, but also in the Hub, which even feature farmer’s markets, according to Ilkowski.

But lastly, I leave you with the biggest festival hack thanks to Kayla Barnes, buy a disposable toilet seat cover on Amazon. You’ll thank her later when you get to the Woodlands!

Featured Courtesy Firefly Music Festival