These Walmart Yodel Boy Remixes Kind Of Slap, And I Am Not Okay With It

Yodeling is a lost art. Many argue that it has been lost for good reason. Luckily for us, a young man was brought into our world to help restore the balance throat singing. The Walmart Yodel Boy has gone incredibly viral on social media for the unintentional awkward nature the inexplicable clip. But just like an Indonesian bus horn the world dance music has taken the meme and ran with it.

Angelic Choir Yodel

A couple artists have tried their hands at remixing the Walmart Yodel Boy. First f we have Zaxx’s edit which has turned the Yodel Boy into an angelic choir that will leave you looking up to the sky questioning the existence any sort higher power. Let’s be honest, if there was any sort God, why would he withhold this beauty from his people for so long? In a state full-blown existential crisis, the Yodel Boy will pierce your soul, and melt away resentment. Bringing you to a higher plane existence. Then the acid will wear f, and you’ll be crying in the parking lot a Chick-Fil-A alone in your car asking yourself how you just listened to this Yodel Boy remix 134 times on repeat.

Why Does This Kinda Slap

Next up though we have an anonymous bounce remix the Yodel boy which slaps just a bit harder than I’d like to admit. It just goes to show that when it comes down to it, vocal samples can come from anywhere. This thing could find it’s home in a Will Sparks set like it’s nothing. Obviously, I am kidding, but like am I? Here we are, people. The year is 2018 and the Yodel Boy is more famous than you. Check out the two remixes below.