'Things Bassheads Say' Might Be The Funniest Video We Have Seen All Year

We all have that one friend. Riddim is somewhere in their Twitter name, they cannot be seen without a Juul in their mouth, and naturally, they are making sure to get rail at every possible show, even if it means potentially dying dehydration. If you don’t have a friend like this, then you very well might be this friend yourself, and obviously there is nothing wrong with that as you will appreciate this video as much as anyone else. Also, I will note now that it might have been better to call it ‘Things Headbangers Say’ since we all know Bassheads align themselves solely with Lorin Ashton, but honestly it makes it all the better.

EDM Movement is a meme and funny content page on Facebook and their latest video had us here at EDM Sauce just about dying with laughter. In it, they pick apart the many stereotypes the bass music community with total accuracy. I am not even a die-hard bass fan but at several points, I felt personally attacked by this video. Especially considering I write this with a Juul sitting on my lap in a black v-neck. Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself though and this video provides the absolutely perfect opportunity. Check it out below.

Things Bassheads Say