This Vocalist Reworked The Chainsmokers 'Everybody Hates Me' Into A Jaw Dropping Duet: MUST LISTEN

Yeah may have never heard Swedish vocalist Linn, but it is about time you become familiar. The artist has recently released one the most interesting takes on a remix we have heard in some time. While many producers choose to just rework a track while sampling the original’s vocals, Linn flips expectations on their heads by turning songs in otherworldly duets.

One the biggest complaints The Chainsmokers continue to receive is that they allow Drew Taggart to be the primary vocalist on more their recent music. Linn takes care this problem perfectly, by utilizing her own vocals to make a surely captivating vocal round. The sultry echo the lyrics and minimal production changes make for a track that is instantly more enjoyable that the original.

Linn has done something that many can do not easily do – improve on the original in spades. In my opinion, this is exactly how ‘Everybody Hates Me’ should have first seen the light day. Check out Linn’s remix below and follow her on Facebook to stay up to day.