Thoreau – Off My Back (Ft. Chloe Tang)

Following up on his recent cover Drake’s hit “God’s Plan,” Thoreau releases a new original with Chloe Tang entitled “Off My Back.”

Right f the bat, Tang’s rings brightly through the production. Subtle bass notes and synths lift her voice up even higher, though it isn’t until the drop that it really shines brightest. The tantalizing synths create an otherworldly effect as they somewhat quiver atop the bass.

Tang says the track, “To me, ‘Off My Back’ represents a turning point in any relationship when things become really clear and you realize that you’re not being treated the way you deserve. This song is special for me because I was in a place in my life where my alter ego (who is fucking fearless) was finally becoming part the real me and I was no longer afraid demanding better for myself.”

Check out “Off My Back” below!