Tiesto Has Dropped 3 New Singles In 3 Days And They're All Heaters

Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival are two the most popular events the year to debut new music. Artists use the festival which is held so early in the season to test out what they have been working on in the f months and gauge crowd reaction. Almost nobody had more new music than Tiesto during UMF, and wow did he not wait at all to start releasing it.

Over the last few days, Tiesto has dropped 3 new singles.

  • ‘Dawnbreaker’ with Matisse & Sadko
  • ‘Coming Home’ with Mesto
  • ‘I Like It Loud’ with John Christian, Marshall Master and The Ultimate MC


Each track seems to be leading up to a collaborative EP sorts considering the similarities in cover art. It is also interesting that Tiesto has dropped another track named ‘Calling Home’ considering he had a 2004 release f Parade Athletes under the same name. Each tune is unique in their own right, but wow they are all pretty damn good. The real standout, in my opinion, is the Matisse & Sadko collaboration which while short has a hook to it that will stay in your head for days.

Tiesto continues to stay on his big room house grind, but his melodies are truly next level. It is great to see him continuing to mentor up and coming talent, and helping deserved artists find the limelight. Check out the singles below.

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