Tomorrowland Winter Unveils Their Frozen Rendition Of The Book of Wisdom Theme – EDMTunes

Tomorrowland Winter is making its return next year with their newly revealed theme: the Book of Wisdom, the Frozen Edition.

Recently revealed on social media, the moment has come for an unread chapter of yours. The video sets the scene for what lies ahead. Hidden in The Book of Wisdom lies a remarkable adventure waiting for you. Once you enter the gate, discover something magnificent. Prepare yourselves as you unlock the undiscovered frozen chapter of Tomorrowland.

Taking place the week of March 14-21, 2020 at Alpe d’Huez, France, join 30,000 people from tomorrow and around the world. With a festival area containing multiple stages in the mountains, it doesn’t get much better than this.

The venue is a south-facing plateau in the French Alps. It is a skier and snowboarder paradise. In addition, adrenaline seekers can take on the mountain or hikers can take in the scenery prior to the festival. This slope attracts many snow enthusiasts around the world and offers something for every level. A lift & ski pass is included in a Tomorrowland Winter pass, along with lodging in the surrounding villages. Free shuttle buses are available to take attendees back to their lodging area.

Excited already?

Pre-registration already happened, but ticket packages will be available for purchase here. Mark your calendars for September 14th for the Mysterious 7-day package pre-sale and September 21st for the Fascinating 4-day package pre-sale.

Moreover, receive your Tomorrowland bracelet at home and get excited. Plan your travels with friends and make a few stops along the way for the greatest European music festival journey ever. It may be cold, but no Disney princesses will be harmed in the making of this event.

Dress to impress in your fanciest winter outfits. Or nestle in the crowd after some runs on the mountain. Stay tuned for the lineup. Who will be there?

The Book of Wisdom – The Frozen Chapter

Dear People of Tomorrow, The moment has come to introduce you to an unread chapter. Hidden in The Book of Wisdom lies a remarkable episode. Enter the gate and discover this magnificent tale. Prepare for an undiscovered frozen chapter of Tomorrowland: The Book of Wisdom – The Frozen Chapter.

Posted by Tomorrowland Winter on Friday, September 6, 2019