Tritonal talk 10 Years of Enhanced and New Single [Interview]

Music changes fast. Think about what you were listening to in 2010, 2012, 2014, hell, just two months ago. Musical trends come and go, so to achieve longevity as an artist is truly an accomplishment. If you’ve been able to not only survive, but thrive for more than 10 years in one the most fickle music scenes around, that’s Hall Fame worthy. That’s where we are with Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed, better known as American prog-house duo Tritonal. These guys have been wowing fans across the globe for the past decade, and we were lucky enough to sit down and talk with the boys at Beyond Wonderland this past weekend. Chad and Dave talked to us about 10 years Enhanced, their new song “Out My Mind” and the pride they take in bringing up and showcasing new artists.

Hey Chad and Dave, first f, congratulations on 10 years Enhanced Music. What’s it like looking back on you guys career over the past decade?

Dave: “We’re really grateful for one to be able to do the last 10 years, man. It’s been nuts.”

Chad: “It’s crazy that it’s already come that fast. I guess just a lot gratitude, you know, the fact that the label’s doing so well in a day where indie record labels struggle a lot. Enhanced is kicking, our staff is bigger than it’s ever been in London. For the first time to be able to take out younger artists that we’re building up through Enhanced and showcase them in clubs and markets that they’ve never been able to play at is also super cool.”

You guys are headed out on tour in support 10 years Enhanced. What will be special about this tour and how do you guys keep things fresh when you’re out on the road for so long?

Chad: “I think the fresh question is a good one. The reality is that sometimes I think we feel like it’s getting a bit stale in terms music or the set and that’s when we know it’s time to update and revamp and re-mashup and re-edit and re-look at what we’re playing. The reality is when we go out and play Tritonal shows to the fans, although we’re playing those records every night, they may not have seen us in two or three years. Or maybe they just saw us and they just love Untouchable for example, they want to hear that song. So although we play it every night and we’re like man, the reality is that they want to hear it. So we try to be cognizant that. In terms the freshness or what’s exciting about his tour, we’re bringing two or three younger Enhanced acts to all these markets to 25+ shows across North America. For us to be able to showcase these guys to fans that a majority have never seen some these guys, just because they’re not touring as extensively as we are, is a cool thing.”

Tell me about the latest single “Out My Mind” and how it came about? And more from a producer standpoint what’s the process that goes into selecting a vocalist?

Dave: “You know, I think when Chad and I are writing records we always want to try to reach for something we haven’t achieved. And I think with ‘Out My Mind it kind fell into a cool place, we have a lot renditions the record, first f. And then we kind wanted to go with something that was like let’s do something that would be vibe-y, but something new that Tritonal would be, represent, you know. So I think it all fell together nicely in a way. What do you think Chad?”

Chad: “Yeah, I think what Dave’s trying to say is that the record isn’t built for a massive festival, it was very intentional, it was a song that from beginning to end felt organic and natural. And it wasn’t just like a vocal with some random fucking drop tagged on to it, like a lot EDM records. For me it’s like, oh that was cool, and then there’s just this crazy moment.”

Dave: “Yeah, it just kind goes.”

Chad: “Not that we’re not guilty that, I’m sure we have been. But ‘Out My Mind’ is just vibes from beginning to end. And in terms a vocalist, Riley is a special talent. She’s young, she’s with Capitol Records, we actually had like four or five different girls, I won’t say who they are, but they’re bigger names, much bigger than Riley in terms prile. But we ultimately went with what we felt was the best version, and that’s what we always try to do is go with the absolute best version the song. And then just let the chips fall where they may. A lot Tritonal records, nobody had ever heard the vocalist. Like ‘Now or Never’, you’d never heard Phoebe Ryan in dance music before ‘Now or Never’. A lot our old records with Cristina Soto, ‘Colors’ with Sterling Fox, again another record where you’d never really heard Sterling before that. So we’re down with breaking new vocalists if in fact they deliver the essence what we think the record is.”

Since Enhanced is about bringing new talent to the forefront, do you guys have a favorite up and coming artist right now?

Dave: “Well, on Enhanced, we’re working with a lot cool talent. We’re working with a lot what we call our favorites too. It’s hard to pick out anyone in particular, but right f the top my mind, I feel like Apek is doing a lot good things, Noah] Neiman is doing a lot cool stuff, just within our label itself, a lot others too.”

Chad: “My favorite’s probably Sj, because he’s the best songwriter. And ultimately can write the best songs before they ever go to production. I think the other two guys mentioned are really good producers, but Sj for me in terms potential is phenomenal. We have a record that has almost 35 million streams, it’s called ‘Hung Up.’”

What else do your fans have to look forward to in 2018 from you two and what else would you like to accomplish career wise?

Chad: “Yeah, festival season is coming up, what up. We’re going to do a ton markets as well as Vegas. We re-established our Vegas residency with Marquee, which we love that team and that squad. So we’ll be doing day parties and night club parties in Vegas this year. And gearing up for potentially a 2018 album. Yeah, we’re close I feel like, 3-4 months definitely, we could finish it I think. I don’t think we would drop it this year, we would probably do a few more singles. I know Painting with Dreams, we did, one, two, three, four singles and then dropped the album. With this album, in a perfect world, I would like to drop more than just four singles. Maybe six, maybe eight. But really be able to give the records a moment, because once you drop the album, I dunno I feel like that’s kind done and everyone wants to move into a new single.”

Tritonal will be bringing their 10 Years Enhanced Tour to multiple cities across the continent including San Diego, Boston, Chicago, Denver and Dallas. .

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Check out Tritonal’s new single “Out My Mind” featuring Riley Clemmons below.