Two Spanish Electronic Forces Unite For Latest BOXINLION Single, 'You Got Me'

2 years ago ruthlessly driven by their musical aspirations, Barcelona born duo, BOXINLION packed up all belongings and finally caught that 13 hour red eye flight to make the move to LA. Taking that final necessary leap to advance their careers & breakout the glass Iberian ceiling. Following this leap faith, the talented duo began securing remixes for renowned electronic acts such as The Chainsmokers, Major Lazer and also securing the soundtrack for the MTV show, ‘Dare to Live’ by the infamous videographer, Rory Kramer.

Today after the duos’ well received performance at Abroad Festival in Barcelona, the boys BOXINLION drop their latest single, ‘You Got Me’. Marking a momentous move to team up with with the hottest Spanish independent electronic label, SUPRMODE (HYPRMODE). This single signifies a huge shift in Spanish electronic scene and a great moment for independent acts & independent artists joining forces.
Enjoy the cutting guitar synths, the alluring vocals Lexie and that classic signature inspiring climaxes BOXINLION.