Ultra Music Festival Reveals The Cove Among Other Layout Changes

At last we’re finally learning something about Ultra Music Festival‘s return to Bayfront Park. As the end of 2019 draws nearer, the realization is setting in that the amazing has to go away. Many fans who loved the expansion last year were left wondering, will we go back to the same old layout or will some of that Island magic make its way to Bayfront Park. Now we have our answer.

Ultra revealed that the Bayfront Park layout will indeed be retooled in a few ways. The first change was announced today as The Cove. The Cove is directly inspired by Resistance Island and is “nestled in a secluded alcove overlooking Biscayne Bay”. That’s about all we know at this point, but it’s enough to get us very excited.

Overlooking Biscayne Bay means it could be the area where the UMF Radio stage has stood, and this would make sense to keep it connected to the Resistance Megastructure. Or maybe it’s the replacement for the Spider Stage area. Ultra promised more info will be coming soon, so stand by and we’ll keep you posted.