Ultra Shanghai Forced To Cancel Only A Week Before Taking Place, Ultra Beijing Dates Reconfirmed

Ultra Music Festival and China have not gotten off on a good few feet. After similar events drove the planned Beijing edition of the famed festival to a series of clubs instead of set festival grounds, the same has currently happened for its Shanghai edition. Ultra is struggling to make sense of the Chinese permitting laws and it appears the Chinese government is not making the process easy.

Rumors of Ultra Shanghai’s cancelation started to circulate around the Chinese social media platform Weibo about a month ago. Fans were wary that a line up had not been announced with the event rapidly approaching. Now only a week before the event was scheduled to begin, Ultra has released a statement informing ticket holders that the festival will be changed over to a club takeover just as Beijing was. Ticket holders will be refunded automatically and allowed to decide which clubs they want to attend.

While this is not the best news it again demonstrates the versatility and commitment to fans that Ultra continues to hold. No schedules for who will be performing or where has been announced. Ultra ended the note by updating fans that Ultra Beijing will take place on September 15th and 16th. Check out the full note below which explains the full circumstance of the cancellation.