Ultra Uploads Mini Aftermovie Celebrating Successful 20th Anniversary

Ultra Music Festival celebrated their 20th anniversary this past weekend and the event went f with massive success. No deaths were reported during the festival and overall it was billed as the safest UMF in the 20-year history the event. Not only were fans safer than ever before, Ultra delivered on their promised surprise in a massive way!

Swedish House Mafia reunited on the last night the Festival to almost 100,000 ecstatic fans. Throughout the rest the festival over a hundred acts brought joy into the hearts tens thousands attendees. The 20th anniversary was a massive success. Ultra posted a short review clip the festival on their Twitter account. While knowing Ultra, we are sure that a more extensive aftermovie is on the way – enjoy the memories Ultra 20 below.

Ultra Music Festival Mini Aftermovie

Photo By aLive Coverage for Ultra Music Festival