Video Of 50+ Rowdy Australians Rowing An Imaginary Boat At Excision Show Goes Viral

Australia is a different breed man. The land down under has always intimidated me a bit considering literally everything is poisonus. Even Platypuses are fucking poisonus. Like what in god’s name is going on down there that a duck otter hybrid developed poisonus spines. Anyway, I digress. Australia also arguably goes harder than just about every other country. It’s in their blood, they have to or they’ll get assaulted by an angry kangaroo.

So when footage a 50+ rowdy, assumingly intoxicated Aussies hit Exicison’s Facebook page, it was a match made in viral internet heaven. The guys are all in rows sitting on the ground, and are rowing in tune with the beat. It is truly a site to be seen, and the kind content I personally thrive on. Check out the video below, and remember while Americans might bash their faces into the front rail during a bass show, ‘Stralia just comes together and mimes a team sport.

What In God’s Name…